Mob Justice


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There was a time I was having my evening walk when I witnessed something so disturbing, a man almost got knocked down by a rowdy bus driver around Posta, Ngong road. I was relieved when the bus driver was quick enough to hold the breaks, but due to the fact  that there was a coalition between the bus and a saloon car that was behind it. All this time the pedestrian was frozen in the middle of the road, I think maybe because of shock, I mean just a second ago he almost got knocked down and he might not have survived.

What happened after that was really hard to process and understand. The bus driver together with the conductor alighted and started beating up the pedestrian, the one who almost got knocked down. Other people from around the area joined too, I am so sure these people had no idea of what happened, they were just following the crowd.

We were having a discussion today that made me remember this incident. Someone pointed out a situation where a crowd beat up a thief and almost half of them had no idea of what was going on. It is sad that we live in a society that allows for mob justice, yes the person is wrong and needs to be punished for it, but why beat them up to death.

‘Its never that serious’, a phrase most people use, one would want to use the same phrase in relation to the scenario I described above, but the truth of the matter is it is very serious. The idea that people would prefer to attack a criminal, however bad or notorious he or she is, goes against all rules of morality if not humanity.

Think about it though, does killing a killer make you any less of a killer than he is. Leo Tolstoy said, “Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it” and I agree. I hope someone will do something about it, lets stop mob justice!!


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