My Passion


I am a passionate actress, give me a script and you will see me get excited. I only knew I could act when I was in form two, it was a rule that everyone of us should be part of a club, I was a noise maker back then so I felt at home in the drama club. Joining the club I was immediately given a position as the psyche mistress, my work was to psyche up the team every day before we started practice and also before we had a performance.

Now as we were preparing for the drama festivals that year, we had auditions to get characters for the script, it was known that if you are in form one and two you shouldn’t try the main characters not even the supporting one, these characters were given to the senior classes so I didn’t even bother to try out for them. I was given a part as an extra; I only appeared when the play started and that was the end of me.

I was so comfortable with that because, I really didn’t understand how one person could cram almost more than ten pages of words and how do you know when it is your part to deliver your lines? I kept asking myself. Even though I had few words in the play, other members liked how I delivered my part and once in a while they used me as an example for good acting, trust me I didn’t understand why they found what I was doing good.

A week to the first drama competition something happened to the main actress and we were desperate to find someone to take her role. It was a general feel that I should take over and even though I didn’t believe I could do it, my team was confident in me and they convinced me to take the part. I had to work really hard on it since we had six days to the competition.

After the festivals, I got an award for ‘Best Actress’ in that region and that came as a surprise, because first I only had six days to prepare, and second I didn’t even know that I could act. This was the beginning of an amazing journey, since then I have been in love with acting. I discovered my passion then and also one of my sources of happiness.

I had an audition today and that, made me remember where I first started as an actress. I accidentally bumped into my talent while in high school and eight years down the line I am still practicing it. I wouldn’t say I am there yet, but I hope to be soon, but the fact that it still stirs up a happy feeling in my heart is something to hold on to.


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