Year in year out I spent time listening to what people had to say about me. I tried to be who they want me to be.

But with time I realised you have to be yourself, yes other people’s opinion of you sometimes make sense but not always.

Pick what you think would work for you and leave what you think you don’t need but remember to respect their opinion.

See they say my walking style is fake/forced, they tell me the colour I put on my nails look bad, they told me my hairstyle is bad, I’ve been told before that I love myself too much because I like taking myself to nice restaurants, buying myself nice things, because I love the excitement of life and the mystery behind every day that passes or new things that come my way.

They want me to be calm, they want me to wear dull colours, they want me to stay home and cook my meals, they want me to put on regular hairstyles, they want me to follow the dull boring routine of life.

But that is not me, only then did I realise that people would tell you to do things that their own personality is comfortable about. They want you to be like them, their personality doesn’t like makeup, they ask you not to put on makeup, their personality doesn’t like heels, they ask you not to put on heels. Their personality likes calm music they tell you that the hyped up music is not good and you should not listen to it.

Only then did I start doing what Rael felt was ok for Rael. Only then was I bold to say THANK YOU BUT NO THANK YOU, you don’t think I should put on the colour pink? Thank you for your opinion but no it makes me look and feel pretty.

Stop doing things because someone felt you should do them, do them because you feel it is right for you and you are ok doing them. Otherwise you will live life stuck in a cage and you will never see how beautiful it is being you!


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