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Have you heard Kuliko Jana’s Cover by Upper Hill boys Choir, famously known as Redfourth Choir? These boys can sing, and I mean it, they can sing!! In my opinion they have given the song life not that Sauti Sol’s original version is not good but the harmonization and the energy in this song is moving. It is like they sang this song from their sincere hearts; you got to love this cover, they gave the words life with the passion in their voices!

Students need to be equipped with skills that can benefit them even when they cannot proceed to the next level. Yes we have Drama Festivals and Music festivals that help young people nature their acting and music skills but can the 8-4-4 system ensure that there is more?

I am sure my boss Patrick Kanyeki,  will agree with me here, we were having a discussion at some point about the importance of learning a few skills and this prompted me to write this article!

There was a time when students in Primary Schools had to learn subjects like Art, Home science, Carpentry, Business and more. I know some of you can remember this. With skills like this if you were unfortunate to move on to the next level, I believe you could use these abilities to start a business!

Skills are helpful, especially if you have the future of the students at heart, the young people need to think beyond the norm. I know how devastating it is not to be able to move on to high school or university, but they need to know that, that is not the end of it!

Mr. Jay Muia my former lecturer at Daystar University advised us to at least learn a skill a month. Can you imagine if you learnt a skill a month, maybe playing a piano or photography, or baking?  If a month is short you can make it two months, those are six skills a year and I am sure they can be beneficial to you one day.

All I am saying is, as much as reading books is important we should try as much to encourage the young people to acquire skills as they grow, the earlier the better. What do you think? What is your opinion on this?

Once again good job Upper Hill Boys Choir and cheers to Philip ‘Filah’ Tuju who arranged and produced this Cover. If you have not heard it, you can go to and have a listen! Tell me what you think about that and don’t forget to leave the Redfourth a comment on their youtube channel/Link!


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